3 Big Reasons Why You Need Soundproof Underlays

Soundproof Underlays and 3 Reasons Why You Need Them

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Soundproof underlays are an extra layer of material that goes beneath your surface flooring for extra “cushioning” that prevents sound and vibration from travelling to residential units directly below yours.

So why do you need them and why can they play an important role in your life? Let’s quickly go through them!

1. The Obvious Reason – Prevent Sound and Vibration

I mean, that’s what they are for right? A lot of homeowners, especially ones who live in condos and apartments choose to install soundproof underlayments so that their neighbours below won’t have to deal with unwanted noise. For example, families with small children who love to play blocks and toys on the floor will surely cause a ruckus to the people below. Who would ever want to be “that” kind of neighbour?

2. Management Requirements

So here’s where it may come as a surprise for some: soundproof underlayments are not always something of choice for the homeowners, but a requirement. Certain condominiums have a requirement for all units to have underlayments in order to preserve the quality of the living spaces and all owners will need to adhere to that. Requirements will include the types of underlayment that are accepted, and also the overall buildup of the flooring.

3. Local Building Codes

The previous two reasons are more for the regular everyday homeowner, but what about for commercial buildings? Every building that exists follows the local building code, which is basically a set of legal requirements created by the government that needs to be met in order for the building to exist in the first place. Architects, designers, and developers will need to work together to follow these set of rules when planning for the building. The building code will usually mention whether soundproof underlays are required or not. If required, then the commercial building must be designed to have soundproof underlays installed.

As a conclusion, soundproof underlays are things that we usually don’t see as they are hidden beneath our floors, but they are actually quite important and prominent, especially if they are a legal requirement.

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