Acoustical Consultants and Engineers can access over 700 acoustical tests using EchoOne

Pliteq® developed a proprietary website called EchoOne™ in 2017 for acoustical consultants and engineers. Registered users are able to access acoustical test reports for more than 700 different wall and floor/ceiling assemblies. EchoOne is a tool where users can find white papers that summarize research programs on specific topics, journal and conference papers published by Pliteq engineers in the past decade and application specific one-page technical papers. 

Pliteq released EchoOne Version 2 in early 2020 which includes boolean logic searches and custom plotting functionalities to allow users to efficiently find and compare different building materials and methods. The new version of EchoOne features an updated search page with rebuilt functionality, a query builder, a note section in the results to alert to specific details of the test, improved downloads and exports, AutoCAD® assembly drawings, Excel data files, advanced graphing tools and an expanded project management function to allow sharing between EchoOne users.

The data you can find on EchoOne includes standard airborne and impact testing presented with both ASTM and ISO metrics, ISO rubber impact ball tests, and heavy hard impact tests all of which were conducted at independent third-party laboratories. In addition, there are results of heavy hard impact force on our various fitness products done in our in-house lab with our drop tower. These tests, paired with our search functionality, the meticulous testing of single variable changes and advanced plotting tools, helps Engineers and acoustical consultants design better sounding buildings.

Pliteq’s vision is that every architectural acoustics firm in the world has access to EchoOne, making Pliteq a global leader in architectural acoustics. Currently there are more than 1000 registered users using EchoOne in more than 20 countries. 

To learn more about Pliteq EchoOne, please contact Wil Byrick at 647.588.7332 or

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