Team of Pliteq Engineers to present at Inter.Noise 2015

Pliteq and its army of engineering talent are presenting technical papers at Inter.Noise 2015.

Technical paper topics include:

– 16.04 Comparing the effect on impact sound transmission of common fire-rated components in wood-frame, open-web truss, multi-family construction
– 16.08 Laboratory data examining impact and airborne sound attenuation in cross-laminated timber panel construction.
– 16.09 Comparing various fitness flooring assemblies using heavy/soft and heavy/hard impact sources
– 7.01 Dynamic Stiffness, Impact and Airborne Sound Transmission of Recycled Rubber Floating Floor Interlayers
– 19.02 The need, and plans for, an inter-laboratory study to improve ASTM International standard E90’s precision and bias statement

“I am impressed with the dedication and ingenuity of our engineering team. They keep advancing the research in polymers for architectural acoustics. This library of data is available for the acoustic engineering community for use in improving building design and construction.” – Paul Downey, CEO

Continued investments in engineering, next generation polymer technologies combined with world class testing regimes allow Pliteq to serve the needs of the global architectural acoustics market.

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